Giving attention to our spiritual life enhances our wellbeing and our overall health.  Having a regular spiritual practice, whether that is meditation, prayer, or walking mindfully, will assist us to live a full life and be our best selves.

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual counselling provides a safe space for you to explore your relationship with the divine, with the spirit, with the God or god of your understanding, at your pace on your terms. As a Spiritual Counsellor I provide one to one sessions that help you to find the place where you are at peace with yourself.

Sessions are completely confidential, and are held at a time convenient to you either in person or online.

Finding deep peace


Reflective or prayer groups are a way to connect to Spirit, God or the god of your understanding.  I lead several groups, helping each individual to find a calm safe place to link to their inner peace. Reflective practices, guided meditation and group prayer all contribute to Spritual Health and overall wellbeing, as well as helping to connect to Spirit.  Please get in touch with me if you would like to discuss possibilities of working together on these meetings.


Retreats are a way for people to be supported to find inner peace and contemplation usually in a setting away from everyday life.   I can help you to have a strong meaningful experience, for a half day, a full day or longer. If you have a retreat centre consider using me as part of your team. Please get in touch to discuss possibilities.