I can help you to create a beautiful wedding ceremony that will reflect the love between the two of you and I can do it without putting undue stress on you. A wedding put together by me will be true to your beliefs, and true to how you would like to begin married life together.

I will work closely with the two of you. I’ll listen carefully to your love story and your way of life and write a personal meaningful celebration for you that is joyful and reflects you.

Your wedding can take place any day, any time, and if it is to be a legally binding wedding, it has to take place at an identifiable address. You cannot be legally married in a private house, but other than that almost anywhere else is acceptable. Get in touch with the Registrar and register your intention to marry at least three months before the date and we’ll take it from there.

There are many old and new ways of committing to each other. There are vows to be said, songs to be sung, readings by friends or family, and the Register will be signed. Some of the other elements of your wedding may include a traditional hand fasting ceremony, jumping the broom, or other traditional rituals. There are legal promises to be made including assuring the public that there is no legal impediment to the marriage, and saying out loud that you agree to be married to each other. Your wedding can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. 

Each wedding is unique and we will meet together as often as we need to so that it’s perfect.

Let’s create your perfect day

Wedding Legalities and Practicalities

I am qualified to conduct legal weddings, and am a Registered Solemniser of Marriages. My name is on the Registrar’s List. Here is a link Scroll to almost the end where you will find the list of minsters registered by the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation. We are listed under ‘Religious’ because we are authorised to perform wedding ceremonies for people of all faiths, and no faith. Thus, if you would like some references to your spirituality in your wedding ceremony, I am delighted to oblige. If you would prefer an entirely secular wedding ceremony, I can do that for you too.

It is the couple’s responsibility to meet with the HSE Registrar at least three months before the wedding to comply with the Registrar’s regulations and let them know of the intention to marry. You will need to let the Registrar know the names and details of the two spouses, the witnesses (2 adults over 18 years of age), the name of your Solemniser, the venue and the date. The Marriage Registration Form (known as the MRF, or the ‘Green Book’, actually a foolscap folder of about six pages) will be made up for you by the Registrar’s office, with all your details.

The office will send it to you, and you bring it to the wedding venue on the wedding day. The MRF is signed as part of the ceremony by the two spouses, the Solemniser and the two witnesses.

 The couple must return the form to the HSE Registrar’s office not more than 30 days after the wedding ceremony in order to receive the civil marriage certificate.

It is a good idea to appoint a responsible person to take charge of the MRF after the wedding and keep it safe during the festivities!


“We feel very fortunate to have found Rev Mary McKeown to design and perform our wedding ceremony. She got to know us individually and as a couple and worked hard to create a ceremony that perfectly suited us, our friends and families. Mary was a pleasure to work with – she helped choose the readings and music and organise the comings and goings of the readers, musicians, ring-bearers and others, professionally ironed out some some last-minute hiccups and nerves on the day and conducted the ceremony in a warm and celebratory manner. We felt it really expressed who we are and how we feel and celebrated both our families and interests and the feedback we received from friends and family could not have been more complimentary – some said it was the best wedding they were ever at. Mary helped create a bright and buoyant foundation for our day and our future together and we treasure the memory of working with her and of the wedding she helped to create.”

-Órlaith Cullinane and Dara McCluskey, Co. Louth, married in August 2019 at Bellurgan Park, Dundalk.


“From our first meeting with Mary, we knew she was perfect for our ceremony. Her warmth and kindness instantly put us at ease, and she really listened and showed a personal interest in what we had to say. As neither of us had actually done this before we needed guidance, and Mary was excellent at helping us and tailoring the ceremony to suit us. She made sure the ceremony reflected us as a couple, and included a wonderful and personal introduction. She went above and beyond to meet our needs, and was always available for a quick chat, email and meeting for the occasional coffee!

Mary truly enhanced our wedding, and we would 100% recommend her.”

-Cara Lally and Colm Gacquin, Co. Roscommon, married in October 2019 at the Ardilaun Hotel, Galway.